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Get a Perkaloo personal account and reward yourself with discounts, vouchers, and other great deals.

1.A New Kind of Rewards Portal

Why shell out your hard earned money for points that take forever to accumulate? At Perkaloo we believe you should get the benefit of the PERKS that are available immediately to help you save money, and live a whole lot more.

2.PErfect For Everyone

PERK packages are filled to the brim with all kinds of discounts, vouchers, and other great deals. We choose our PERKPARTNERS with care to ensure that our PERKS are relevant to the needs of you and those you share Perkaloo with.

3.Reward Great Achievements

Perkaloo's built-in rating system makes it easy to rate school projects, chores, and other domestic tasks. We'll only display PERKS that have a an equal or lesser rating, thereby helping you to incentivise better performance.



Enjoy access to every available PERK on the Perkaloo system. Rating can be activated for Perkstar accounts. Requires internet access.


Limited number of PERKS, but can be accessed using any device with a SIM. Rating system unavailable. No internet connection required.


(Main account: can add/remove any account)


(Admin: can add/remove PerkSTARS)


(Dependants, Employees)

R99P/M R49P/M

Free Insurance With Every Account

Every Perkaloo account comes jam-packed with free insurance that can be activated at the click of a button* - no admin, no fuss. All the necessary policy documentation is easily accessible in the Perkaloo member account, and can be accessed instantly in the event of a claim.

Lump Sum in the event of the death resulting from injuries sustained by an accident.


Lump Sum in the event of Permanent or Total Disability resulting from injuries sustained from an accident.


Funeral Cover
(Paid in cash to the member)

Member R10,000
Spouse R10,000
Child aged 14-21 R10,000
Child aged 6-14 R7,000
Child aged less than 6 R5,000
Stillborn R1,000

* An insurance policy is automatically activated for the holder of a USSD account as soon as the account is activated.

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Why Perkaloo?

We keep our PERKS fresh

While you're busy enjoying your PERKS, we're on the hunt for bigger, better special offers and deals. Our mission is to provide real value through PERKS that make your monthly income stretch a little further, and to open up a world of exciting new experiences.

Perkaloo's for everyone

We partner with brands (we call 'em PERKPARTNERS) that can match our mission by providing PERKS that cater to every taste, whim, and every type of income. From fine dining and excursions to exotic locations, to discounts on monthly commutes and groceries, we're here to make life... a little perkier.

Hassle-free, no catches

Enjoy a rewards portal with minimal admin, no lengthy contracts, hidden fees, or catches. We're here to make life a little easier and more accessible by giving you what you want without asking you to spend all your money just to collect points. Perkaloo is your one-stop destination for discounts on the things that really matter.