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Perkaloo is an independent loyalty and rewards portal.

It's our job to make it easy for employers to reward employees. Happy employees make great employees, which in turn leads to better business performance.

Awesome rewards done easily

Great Perks. Better Business

We've put a lot of work into identifying and collaborating with popular brands that share our vision of perking up the average workplace. Our aim is to help you increase employee motivation, productivity, and retention while helping your employees do more, live more, and enjoy new experiences with their monthly incomes. Happy employees build flourishing businesses.

An Independent Rewards Portal

With Perkaloo there are no catches to signing up. No medical aid or investment membership is required, and we won't ask you how much you earn. You'll also be happy to know that there aren't any catches, questionnaires or tests.

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...for employees (PERKSTARS)

Tired of benefits you can't use or don't really care about? We know the feeling, which is why we select only those PERKPARTNERS we feel will make your life a little easier, and make your monthly salary stretch a little further. From cheaper travel and discounts on groceries to awesome health, wellness, and entertainment, we've got something for everyone.

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...for employers (PERKMASTERS)

Did you know that companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20%? True story. Rewarding your employees boosts employee engagement and retention.

Better employee engagement means more productivity, which in turn means better business performance.

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...for brands (PERKPARTNERS)

Perkaloo makes it easy to get your brand and products noticed by thousands of happy employees all over South Africa - without any risk. With Perkaloo there are no signup or admin fees, hidden catches or cancellation penalties. The benefit you provide goes straight to our PERKSTARS (employees). How's that for a perky incentive?

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Who Is Perkaloo?

We know running a business in South Africa isn't always easy. Stiff competition is one of the main concerns of just about every business owner. We also know that you'd like to reward and acknowledge your staff for... well let's be honest, for just being great people. But since raising the capital you need to grow your business can be a tough gig, it's not always easy to show your appreciation with regular raises or bonuses.

Perkaloo is a simple employee rewards system that makes life a little easier. Over the years we've looked at a number of ways to boost employee happiness while helping employers increase their bottom line. Along the way we came across a business owner, just like you, who had the crazy idea that he could keep his investors smiling by investing in the happiness of his employees. Well, that crazy idea paid off and the rest, as they say, is history.